Ttowels Shower Basket (Blue) - B07BB5W6BL

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  • Shower shelf, Helps keep your Shampoo Soap & all other Bathroom accessories neat.

  • Bathroom organizer, Our Suction cup technology gives you the ability to stick it in any corner there is Tiles, Granite, or Plastic.

  • Bathtub Shampoo Shelf, In our shelf you could place all your shower or bathroom needs in a nice way, & save clutter,

  • Shower space is limited in some apartments so we came up with this to help you enjoy the space you have.

  • If the suction cup is not holding strong enough, Unscrew the back till its loose then place on wall/tub & tighten.

  • Color Name:Blue

    We at Ttowels bring the best Bathroom ideas to our customers, This item has our unique touch to it by having a very strong Suction Technology, & still keeping the item very compact. We love our Costumers & we guarantee satisfaction. If for any reason you need help, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Ttowels Shower Basket (Blue) - B07BB5W6BL

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