BEWISHOME Men's Cedar Shoe Tree Shaper Wood Wooden Fresh Adjustable w/Air Vented Toe KXC02 - B0757JGPXL

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  • FRAGRANT RED CEDAR WOOD: Sweaty feet? Our cedar shoe trees for men are made of fresh cedar wood which is an excellent absorbing and aromatic wood, typically absorbs smells/odors and moisture. This pair of well-made shoe trees will help control odors and keep the inside of the shoes dry, making them last significantly longer and perfect for storing shoes over seasons

  • SHOE SHAPER & PROTECTOR: Are your shoes getting creases on them after walking around a lot? This pair of shoe trees will help you take good care of your dress shoes, keep the toe section from curling up, provide shape and support to the shoes, prevent wrinkles in the leather. They will make all the difference in preserving your dress shoes. It would also make easier and simpler to shine or polish your shoes with these trees. Every pair of nice shoes is worth having

  • SOLID & WELL-CONSTRUCTED: Solid and durable in construction; handle design at heel for easy removing; asymmetrical toe area, shaped for the left and right shoes; wide end to avoid damaging the heel of most shoes and keep the shape; smooth cedar wood, easy to take in and out of your shoes; slits cut into the toe section and underneath it is slightly hollowed out to help air circulate and moisture evaporate

  • ADJUSTABLE: Made with brass-plated compression rods, which adjust a little, not much, keeping the trees at the right angle and pressure to keep shoes looking good. These are shoe tree shapers/formers, just to maintain the shape and not give the leather a chance to sag and cave in on itself, not designed to widen your shoes

  • GIFT OPTION & ECONOMICAL: High grade red cedar material with good design, they are suitable for special events; sturdy but light weight; they would also be great for traveling in suitcase. These cedar shoe trees would be indispensable for your dress shoes and boots, helping keep them in tip-top shape! In the long run they can help you save a lot of money by contributing to the actual care of your shoes. Extra 2 cedar rings are included

  • We all know that when we wear a pair of shoes enough, they always don't continue to smell fresh and new. If you walk around a lot in your shoes, foot sweat will cause moisture to get into the shoes. This pair of solid and functioning BEWISHOME shoe trees are designed with cedar wood, being able to absorb smell and moisture, prevent any possible damages to your favorite shoes. They not only fit well in your shoes, but will also prevent any possible creases that may have incurred from wearing your shoes. Using shoe trees will definitely extend the length of life of your shoes. Insert the BEWISHOME SHOE TREES as soon as you remove your shoes every day.

    - Material: Natural red cedar
    - Color: Cedar Wood Color
    - Model Size: 6-13
    - Length extendable range: 0-1 9/16" (0 -40 mm)
    - Assembly: Not Required

    Package Contents:
    - 1 Pair x Shoe trees
    - 2 x Cedar rings

    Please Kindly Note:
    1. Please choose the suitable size carefully. If the size of the shoe trees does not match with your shoes, or the shoe trees are too large, your shoes will be deformed.
    2. Made of red cedar, there may be some white crystallization on the surface, which is a type of Myron. Please note that this is not mold. This ingredient has the function of pest preventing. It will not hurt your shoes.
    If you find it troublesome, you can just remove it quickly with sand paper or wipe with the dry cotton towel.

    BEWISHOME Men's Cedar Shoe Tree Shaper Wood Wooden Fresh Adjustable w/Air Vented Toe KXC02 - B0757JGPXL

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